Drug Diversion Monitoring as a
Service (DMaaS)

An important piece of a diversion program is consistent and thorough monitoring. Does your facility have an effective drug diversion monitoring program? It’s simple: if your facility has not proactively found suspected diversion in the last year, you do not have an effective monitoring program. Rxpert Solutions can change that.

Do you have dedicated staff devoted to monitoring for suspected diversion? What is their expertise in diversion monitoring?  Identifying those who are diverting requires expertise and a systematic approach. It entails much more than reconciling drug dispenses with administrations and waste to be comprehensive. It also requires partnering with multiple disciplines when performing an investigation.

If your facility has a third party surveillance software solution, Rxpert Solutions can help you maximize your investment. Too often we find no one at the site level understands the complexities of the software data which leads to ineffective or inaccurate monitoring. Most facilities don’t have the luxury of dedicating the resources to review the basics, let alone master the software. Take advantage of DMaaS and let us be your expert and an extension of your resources.

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