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Why Choose Us

We excel at what we do. Rxpert Solutions gives you access to a team with years of hospital pharmacy experience, an outside perspective, and the skill set for finding risks and monitoring for drug diversion. Our pharmacist team has been hand picked so we can ensure a high level of performance. Each consultant will be selected based on your needs and their expertise.

Audit On Current State of Diversion Mitigation Program​

A comprehensive on-site review of your current processes is necessary to identify areas of risk. A comprehensive drug diversion prevention and monitoring program must look for ways to improve controlled substance security, thereby minimizing the avenues for diversion.

The most dangerous time for the staff member with a substance use disorder is at the time of confrontation and after the employee is removed from the facility. Special attention needs to be focused on this area and our team will partner with the facility to provide appropriate and compassionate intervention techniques.

Drug Diversion Monitoring as a Service (DMaaS)​

An important piece of a diversion program is consistent and thorough monitoring. Does your facility have an effective drug diversion monitoring program? It’s simple: if your facility has not proactively found suspected diversion in the last year, you do not have an effective monitoring program. Rxpert Solutions can change that.

Interview Coaching

Much time and energy may be devoted to monitoring for drug diversion, and once suspected, even more time to gathering data and reviewing audit findings. Unfortunately, the findings may then be turned over to someone who lacks experience or skill at conducting an interview.

Drug Diversion Program Development​

Federal and state laws address the need for controlled substance monitoring and reporting of loss or theft. Every facility needs to know where all of the controlled substances are at any given time and have a process in place to confirm that there are no losses or thefts.

Public Speaking

As Rxpert Solutions’ lead consultant, Terri Vidals has years of experience in drug diversion monitoring and program development. She is passionate about diversion education and believes the beginning of any meaningful change is education that leads to a deeper understanding of the topic.

Staff Risk​

The different disciplines within a facility work as a team. If a member of the team is not following safe medication practice or is engaged in drug diversion, the whole team is at risk. Each staff member is responsible for following policies and procedures and working while not under the influence of substances.