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Patient Safety is THE priority. Without a dynamic program that is constantly reviewing medication management pathways and practices within the facility, patients are exposed to greater risk.


The different disciplines within a facility work as a team. If a member of the team is not following safe medication practice or is engaged in drug diversion, the whole team is at risk.


The facility holds the liability. Is your facility doing all it can to mitigate the risk to itself and ultimately the patient?

Terri Vidals

Founder Of Rxpert Solutions

Terri has 30 years of experience as a hospital pharmacist. She has worked both in community hospital and teaching hospital settings as well as nursing home facilities. During that time, she gained experience in several clinical areas, and over the last 12 years, she has specialized in ensuring medication safety, managing pharmacy operations, and controlled substance diversion monitoring. She takes a very practical approach and believes all change must have a point and result in sustained improvement.

Why Choose Us

Rxpert Solutions gives you access to a pharmacist with years of hospital pharmacy experience, an outside perspective, and a passion for finding practical and lasting solutions to improving medication safety.

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Controlled Substance Drug Diversion Program Development

A comprehensive program is multidisciplinary in nature. Controlled substance diversion monitoring is a component of medication safety and core essential for the facility. A pharmacist with an expertise in drug diversion will assist you in establishing a program of prevention, monitoring and responding from the ground up or adding to your existing program where gaps are identified.

Controlled Substance Drug Diversion Risk Assessment

A comprehensive on site review of your current processes for areas of risk. Risk must first be minimized then combined with a monitoring program. Rxpert Solutions will evaluate for risk along the entire medication pathway with the goal of improving security and accountability.

Controlled Substance Diversion Auditing

Federal and state laws address controlled substance monitoring and reporting of loss or theft. A regular auditing program needs to be in place at every facility. Rxpert Solutions can assist you in getting that audit program established, train staff who will be involved in the auditing process, and offer support in the event of a suspected diversion case. Finding those who are diverting requires a systematic approach. With time comes experience which is valuable as addicts can be quite ingenious. We offer support with the monitoring process based on your needs. We also have extensive experience with Flowlytics diversion monitoring software by Invisitcs.

When was the last time your facility discovered an employee who was diverting controlled substances?

Were they discovered as a result of an active monitoring system the facility had in place or happenstance?

If a facility is not identifying staff suspected of diversion on a regular basis through a proactive monitoring system, the facility is at risk.

The Joint Commission has named improving medication safety as a National Patient Safety Goal.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality nearly 5% of hospitalized patients experience an adverse drug event (ADE), making them one of the most common types of inpatient errors.It is generally estimated that about half of ADEs are preventable.

Estimates are that roughly 10% of nurses are dependent on some type of drug. With that statistic, if you are not finding them in your facility you are not looking hard enough.

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