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How well does your health care organization prevent controlled substance drug diversion?



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Rxpert Solutions gives you access to a team with decades of hospital pharmacy experience, diversion mitigation and monitoring experience, as well as a passion for improving safety. Estimates are that between 14-20% of healthcare professionals will become dependent on some type of drug or alcohol during their career. With these statistics, drug diversion is a real concern in the healthcare setting. How experienced is your staff in monitoring for diversion? Do you have enough staff to dedicate a resource(s) to monitoring? We want to partner with you to mitigate the risks that increase your vulnerability and monitor for suspected diversion. The team at Rxpert Solutions is a leading provider of drug diversion mitigation and monitoring services. Hire Rxpert Solutions to be your expert and an extension of your resources. We look forward to partnering with you.

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Terri Vidals

Drug Diversion Mitigation Expert and Speaker
Drug diversion mitigation subject matter expert and speaker. Let's talk!

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We excel at what we do. Rxpert Solutions gives you access to a team with years
of hospital pharmacy experience, an outside perspective, and the skill set for finding risks and monitoring for drug diversion. Our pharmacist team has been hand picked so we can ensure a high level of performance. Each consultant
will be selected based on your needs and their expertise.

Drug Diversion Monitoring as a
Service (DMaaS)​

Does your facility have an effective drug diversion monitoring program? It’s simple: if your facility has not proactively found suspected diversion in the last year, you do not have an effective monitoring program. Rxpert Solutions can change that.

Audit On Current State of
Diversion Mitigation Program​

Rxpert Solutions’ diversion mitigation program provides consultative services to assist healthcare facilities with mitigating the risks inherent with diversion of controlled substances. The program is comprehensive and designed to be a consultative partnership.

Public Speaking

As Rxpert Solutions’ lead consultant, Terri Vidals has years of experience in drug diversion monitoring and program development. She is passionate about diversion education and believes the beginning of any meaningful change is education that leads to a deeper understanding of the topic.

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Patient Safety Risk

Patient safety is the priority. Without a dynamic program that is constantly reviewing medication management pathways, controlled substance security, and practices within the facility, patients are exposed to greater risk.

Staff Risk

The different disciplines within a facility work as a team. If a member of the team is not following safe medication practice or is engaged in drug diversion, the whole team is at risk.

Facility Risk

The facility holds the liability. Is your facility doing all it can to mitigate the risk to itself, its employees, and ultimately the patient?
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Terri is absolutely phenomenal. She is an incredibly knowledgeable pharmacy resource. As the medication safety officer, the quality initiatives she implemented not only impacted the patients at our medical center but also reached into the community. Terri is a genuine professional who upholds accountability while creating community among her team members. She is a great listener to identify friction points and has actionable ideas to implement improvements.

CLS Lab T. Eagle. MBA, MLS(ASCP), CLS Lab Operations Manager

Terri is an expert at prospective risk identification -Failure, Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Terri participated in CHPSO Patient Safety Safe Tables and was part of the Hospital Quality Institute’s Regional Quality and Patient Safety Leader Network.

Regional Quality Network at HQI A. Munoz, FACHE, CPHQ, CPPS VP

Terri has done more for the Pharmacy in her few months as Interim Pharmacy Director than any other Director has done during my 12 years here.

Anita Kennedy, MBA VP of Ancillary Services Methodist Hospital

Terri has always impressed me as being very smart. resourceful, creative, and easy to work with. Terri's commitment to medication safety permeated our organization, raising the awareness of this important issue throughout all levels of the institution. Terri has always been engaged, cooperative, and generous with her time.

Cary Mells, MD Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine Tri-City Medical Center

Terri is knowledgeable and effective in pharmacy leadership. She has the ability to be able to anticipate and prepare for the future. Her ability to utilize resources effectively in this changing environment is a strong asset. She can adapt, evolve, mentor and still never say “no” when asked to assist. She exhibits great abilities to be flexible and is a “self starter”. She has a pleasant yet effective demeanor that commands results.

Candace Fong, Pharm D System Director of Pharmacy and Medication Safety Common Spirit Health

In addition to understanding the ins and outs of the [controlled substance use] process completely, she is very proactive in coming to me with provider issues that she detects. She truly balances the administrative duties and the regulatory components demand with a keen sense of what my practitioners do and what their needs are on the ground. Terri is instrumental in working with my department, balancing patient care, cooperation, ability, and integrity to get the job done.

Chief Anesthesiologist UCSD Medical Center

We would not be where we are with the improvements we have made with opioid prescribing if it were not for Terri driving the process.

Chief Physician, Tri-City Emergency Medical Group Chief Physician

Terri has done a tremendous job with the controlled substance diversion program. She has had such a positive impact and has really made the hospital a safer place.

Nurse Manager, Tri-City Medical Center Nurse Manager
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