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Increased Diversion Risk During a Pandemic

The focus this last year in hospitals has been getting through the COVID crisis and that meant caring for the patients while keeping the staff safe. Finding ways to provide the highest level of care while minimizing the risk to those caring for them. In many cases, this meant changing the workflow to minimize exposure. […]

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Reporting After Resigning

If a healthcare worker is suspected of diversion and they resign, do I still need to report to the licensing agency? The answer is a resounding yes! A resignation does not remove the obligation to report a concern. Failure to report allows the healthcare worker (HCW) to move right on to the next facility and […]

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Admission of Diversion Activity

Licensed professionals have a lot to lose if they admit to drug diversion. There is the personal aspect of embarrassment in front of colleagues and family as well as the potential to lose their license and income producing potential. If they were diverting in response to an addiction, it requires admitting to a “weakness” and […]

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CMS Excerpt on Controlled Substance Regulations & Interpretive Guidelines

CMS State Operations Manual states in 482.25(a)(3) that current and accurate records must be kept of the receipt and disposition of all scheduled drugs. Seems pretty straight forward. It goes on to give the interpretive guidelines that again are pretty straight forward. They will look for drug accountability procedures from entry into the hospital to […]

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Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention Certificate

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) is offering a certificate in controlled substance diversion for technicians. I have not seen the content of the curriculum, but I do often see gaps in knowledge on the part of pharmacy staff concerning drug diversion. This certificate might be a great way to provide comprehensive education for your […]

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Medication Order Co-Signatures

Who, if anyone, at your institution is responsible for monitoring compliance when it comes to physician co-signature on verbal/telephone orders? CMS states in the State Operations Manual, that the prescribing practitioner must verify, sign, date and time the order as soon as possible after issuing the order, in accordance with hospital policy, and State and […]

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Phases of a Diversion Investigation

There are three main phases of a drug diversion investigation: Identifying the inappropriate medication use activity through an extensive audit Audit finding review by the supervisor of the healthcare worker. This is essential because the supervisor is familiar with workflow patterns and their insight is crucial into identifying possible red flags and/or explaining possible aberrant […]

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A Good Interviewer is a Good Actor

I continue to hone my knowledge and skills in the area of interviewing. I read recently that being a good interviewer is like being a good actor – you have to convince the suspect (or interviewee) that you are on their side. For some of us, that may be easier to do than others because […]

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Poor Practice Can Have Patient Safety Consequences

One of my main focuses in these blog posts is drug diversion. Unfortunately, there are many hospitals out there who don’t monitor for drug diversion, whether large hospital entities or independent stand alone hospitals. If a hospital does not monitor for drug diversion, they would also not be monitoring for, by default, poor practice. When […]

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A Raw & Painful Story of Drug Addiction & Recovery

This is not my typical blog. Instead of writing my own thing today, I wanted to share a story that moved me. It’s a true story of Anita Bertrand, CRNA, MS, who got hooked on powerful painkillers and would steal them on the job. She shares her story of recovery, remission, relapse, and redemption. The […]

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Our References

Terri is absolutely phenomenal. She is an incredibly knowledgeable pharmacy resource. As the medication safety officer, the quality initiatives she implemented not only impacted the patients at our medical center but also reached into the community. Terri is a genuine professional who upholds accountability while creating community among her team members. She is a great listener to identify friction points and has actionable ideas to implement improvements.

T. Eagle. MBA, MLS(ASCP), CLS Lab Operations Manager

Terri is an expert at prospective risk identification -Failure, Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Terri participated in CHPSO Patient Safety Safe Tables and was part of the Hospital Quality Institute’s Regional Quality and Patient Safety Leader Network.
She is an excellent public speaker and communicates well with public and professional audiences. I look forward to her continued work in medication safety.

Regional Quality Network at HQI

Terri has done a tremendous job with the controlled substance diversion program. She has had such a positive impact and has really made the hospital a safer place.

Tri-City Medical Center
Nurse Manager

We would not be where we are with the improvements we have made with opioid prescribing if it were not for Terri driving the process.

Tri-City Emergency Medical Group
Chief Physician

In addition to understanding the ins and outs of the [controlled substance use] process completely, she is very proactive in coming to me with provider issues that she detects. She truly balances the administrative duties and the regulatory components demand with a keen sense of what my practitioners do and what their needs are on the ground. Terri is instrumental in working with my department, balancing patient care, cooperation, ability, and integrity to get the job done.

UCSD Medical Center
Chief Anesthesiologist

Terri is knowledgeable and effective in pharmacy leadership. She has the ability to be able to anticipate and prepare for the future. Her ability to utilize resources effectively in this changing environment is a strong asset. She can adapt, evolve, mentor and still never say “no” when asked to assist. She exhibits great abilities to be flexible and is a “self starter”. She has a pleasant yet effective demeanor that commands results.

Candace Fong, Pharm D
System Director of Pharmacy and Medication Safety Common Spirit Health

Terri has always impressed me as being very smart. resourceful, creative, and easy to work with. Terri’s commitment to medication safety permeated our organization, raising the awareness of this important issue throughout all levels of the institution. Terri has always been engaged, cooperative, and generous with her time.

Cary Mells, MD
Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine Tri-City Medical Center

Terri has done more for the Pharmacy in her few months as Interim Pharmacy Director than any other Director has done during my 12 years here.

Anita Kennedy, MBA
VP of Ancillary Services Methodist Hospital

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