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Drug Testing; Nail, Hair, or Urine?

There are many types of drug tests available, how do you know which one to use? Well, let’s look at the differences. Nail and hair drug testing have a long window of detection, making them an excellent way of testing for habitual drug use. The window for nail testing is 6-12 months and the window […]

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Is Your Facility Doing What is Required?

Failure to comply with obligations under the Controlled Substance Act has resulted in a settlement agreement of $4.5 million for a medical center in Texas. The majority of cases we hear about are for harm to patients, this one however is for harm to employees. You can read the details here, but the summary is […]

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Theme Development During an Interview

Many who divert medications have rationalized or justified their behaviors. Interviewers use a method called theme development to present reasons and excuses that will serve to psychologically justify the healthcare worker’s behavior and minimize the moral seriousness of their behavior. The purpose of this method is to empathize with the healthcare worker  and make them […]

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Drug Diversion Insights with Terri Vidals

I am excited to announce that the video interviews that are posted on LinkedIn and YouTube each week are now in podcast format on Spotify! Sometimes podcasts are easier to listen to than watching a video, and all the same content is shared. Please check them out, follow and share with everyone in the healthcare […]

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Sharing Expertise & Lessons Learned

Many of you may have probably already seen a few vlogs that I have recorded and posted. They are all available on the Rxpert Solutions YouTube channel. I hope you find them informative and they spark some questions to ask yourself or ideas to take back to your place of employment. My goal is to […]

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Perfect to Excellent

Just because we’ve entered a new year does not mean everything is magically better. Viruses don’t pause during the holidays, but I do hope you were able to enjoy a bit of the season and take your mind off some of the chaos that may be going on around you. I was recently speaking to […]

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Join Our Team

Rxpert Solutions is looking for a California licensed pharmacist with recent hospital experience and at least 3 years of management experience to join our team. If you are willing to work in interim management positions (including Director of Pharmacy as PIC), have solid references, possess motivation and leadership skills, are able to communicate the vision […]

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A message of Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d write about being thankful. Optimism is a great trait. I myself have never been called an optimist. Some have called me a pessimist, but I would categorize myself as a realist – cautiously optimistic with eyes wide open to reality and aware of how a situation […]

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Final Thoughts and Observations from my Time at LASH

The LA Surge Hospital Pharmacy Department is officially closed. Refrigerators have been unplugged and pharmacy keys have been turned in. The Discontinuance of Business form has been sent to the Board of Pharmacy. I made my final drive from LA back home to San Diego. Good timing as traffic between the two cities is starting […]

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Life LASHed out at me

  Life at the LA Surge Hospital (LASH) has settled in for the Pharmacy Department. The technicians have their daily routine. The daily order gets checked in efficiently and barcodes are verified for scanning. The Pyxis refill gets done with minimal to no stock outs because inventory numbers have been optimized. Pharmacists have their protocols […]

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Our References

Terri is absolutely phenomenal. She is an incredibly knowledgeable pharmacy resource. As the medication safety officer, the quality initiatives she implemented not only impacted the patients at our medical center but also reached into the community. Terri is a genuine professional who upholds accountability while creating community among her team members. She is a great listener to identify friction points and has actionable ideas to implement improvements.

T. Eagle. MBA, MLS(ASCP), CLS Lab Operations Manager

Terri is an expert at prospective risk identification -Failure, Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Terri participated in CHPSO Patient Safety Safe Tables and was part of the Hospital Quality Institute’s Regional Quality and Patient Safety Leader Network.
She is an excellent public speaker and communicates well with public and professional audiences. I look forward to her continued work in medication safety.

Regional Quality Network at HQI

Terri has done a tremendous job with the controlled substance diversion program. She has had such a positive impact and has really made the hospital a safer place.

Tri-City Medical Center
Nurse Manager

We would not be where we are with the improvements we have made with opioid prescribing if it were not for Terri driving the process.

Tri-City Emergency Medical Group
Chief Physician

In addition to understanding the ins and outs of the [controlled substance use] process completely, she is very proactive in coming to me with provider issues that she detects. She truly balances the administrative duties and the regulatory components demand with a keen sense of what my practitioners do and what their needs are on the ground. Terri is instrumental in working with my department, balancing patient care, cooperation, ability, and integrity to get the job done.

UCSD Medical Center
Chief Anesthesiologist

Terri is knowledgeable and effective in pharmacy leadership. She has the ability to be able to anticipate and prepare for the future. Her ability to utilize resources effectively in this changing environment is a strong asset. She can adapt, evolve, mentor and still never say “no” when asked to assist. She exhibits great abilities to be flexible and is a “self starter”. She has a pleasant yet effective demeanor that commands results.

Candace Fong, Pharm D
System Director of Pharmacy and Medication Safety Common Spirit Health

Terri has always impressed me as being very smart. resourceful, creative, and easy to work with. Terri’s commitment to medication safety permeated our organization, raising the awareness of this important issue throughout all levels of the institution. Terri has always been engaged, cooperative, and generous with her time.

Cary Mells, MD
Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine Tri-City Medical Center

Terri has done more for the Pharmacy in her few months as Interim Pharmacy Director than any other Director has done during my 12 years here.

Anita Kennedy, MBA
VP of Ancillary Services Methodist Hospital

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