Diversion Software Comparison

Some of you may remember I did a comparison of the various diversion software products back in 2019. I can’t believe it has been that long already! Because it was quite some time ago, I felt it was time to get back out there and reconnect with the vendors and clients to see how things were going. The comparison is still being finalized, but in general, I am seeing that all the companies previously interviewed are still in business and we have picked up a few more in the last couple of years. Omnicell and Kit Check’s Bluesight have joined forces, meaning the client getting the latest Omnicell software also purchases Bluesight for diversion monitoring. Companies which focus on waste assaying are in talks with several of the diversion software companies to see how technologies and data integration can be accomplished.

Diversion software has been out long enough that some customers are coming to the end of contracts with one company and switching to another. Clients share things they wish their vendor included or did better, and it is sometimes features I know are done better or included by other vendors. It has me thinking, it sure would be nice if some of these companies would team up and put out a superior product that can do all the things diversion specialists wish it would do! On the flip side, I hear clients talk about how they love their software even if a different person has indicated they are not satisfied with that same software. It reminds me that we may each approach things differently, put a higher priority on different features, and some may like a more self-explained dashboard while others are more technical in nature and don’t mind digging in. Whatever your background and preferences, these diversion surveillance software programs give you a much more comprehensive look into how your facility is doing when it comes to following policies and controlled substance accountability.

Terri Vidals
Terri Vidals

Terri has been a pharmacist for over 30 years and is a drug diversion mitigation and monitoring subject matter expert. Her years of experience in various roles within hospital pharmacy have given her real-world insight into risk, compliance, and regulatory requirements, as well as best practices for medication and patient safety.

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