Setting the Stage for an Interview

interview setting

When conducting an interview of a healthcare worker suspected of diversion, the physical setting is important. There are some basic principles which should be kept in mind to optimize an interview. Where should the interview take place? Ideally it would be a neutral setting. Keep in mind, the interviewer should be building rapport, and that is hard to do if the interviewer selects an office that reminds the healthcare worker of their authority over them. Select a room that is private and neutral. Remove distractions from the room. If there are things to look at out a window or things to fiddle with, such as a pen or papers, it will be hard to determine if their distraction is a true distraction or stalling as they search for a believable answer to a question. Even having a water bottle can be a distraction as it can be used to take a drink while they are thinking. Are they truly thirsty or are they buying time to think? Make them as comfortable as possible through your approach, but limit the physical items in the room.

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One of the points about distractions is that everything that they do is destabilizing. –Bruce Sterling

Terri Vidals
Terri Vidals

Terri has been a pharmacist for over 30 years and is a drug diversion mitigation and monitoring subject matter expert. Her years of experience in various roles within hospital pharmacy have given her real-world insight into risk, compliance, and regulatory requirements, as well as best practices for medication and patient safety.

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